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Your information is stored on the Distributed Storage Network, Smart Contracts on our blockchain govern access control.
Our federated servers protect the MedChain protocol making sensitive information secure yet available when needed.
Electronic Medical Records are encrypted and fragmented across the network to prevent malicious attacks and hacking attempts.
Why Blockchain?

The MedChain Patient Application is being developed for iOS and Android smartphones, tablet and desktop use, always providing the most up-to-date information, such as medical test results as well documentation all patients are entitled to under HIPAA and EMR guidelines. The MedChain applications will also notify users of access requests from service providers, doctors, hospitals, and health insurance providers. 


Utilizing MedChain’s blockchain and software, heathcare providers can have near-instant access to medical records of new patients, and could potentially save several billion dollars each year in fines associated with data breaches. In addition to significant savings, patient information is also kept secure with no risk of identifiable data being leaked. That’s the kind of data security that the blockchain can provide.


In addition to being inefficient, today’s EMR systems are fraught with risk.  These systems are regular targets of fraud and sources of data breaches that not only jeopardize patient confidentiality but also cost healthcare providers significant resources annually.  In 2016 EMR’s from more than 25 million patients were compromised.  These data breaches ultimately cost hospitals and healthcare providers over $500 million in penalties.

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